A home inspection can tell you a lot about a house you're considering, but you'll have to do some of your own legwork if you want to become more acquainted with your neighbors.

While some homeowners are content with keeping their business within the borders of their fences, you may be a social butterfly who is ready to get out and explore. Of course, even for outgoing people, getting to know neighbors can be a daunting task, but the benefits are worth a few awkward instances of small talk.

Having a positive relationship with your neighbors is a key part to feeling like you're part of a community, which is beneficial if you're moving to a neighborhood that is far from your previous one. Plus, you can have people to turn to if you're ever in need, learn about nearby amenities and remain aware of local events and safety concerns.

You may not be the type of person to take the traditional route and greet each of your neighbors at their doorsteps with a fresh batch of cookies and a warm introduction, but there are other methods for becoming acquainted with the individuals on the other side of your fence.

Get out and become active

Whether you're looking to improve your health or you simply need to walk your dog each morning, going for regular strolls or jogs can help you meet people. Each time you go out, you gain another opportunity to observe your neighbors and see who lives at each residence. This also gives them a chance to recognize you as a fellow community member.

If you often come across certain individuals, don't hesitate to chat with them. Doing so gives you an opportunity to make friends and learn more about the community.

You can also use neighbors' habits as an icebreaker. If you notice Mrs. Jones also walks her dog before work, for instance, you two can chat about your shared activity.

Shop at local businesses

Mom-and-pop shops are often a great place to meet your neighbors. Patronize local laundromats, eateries, farmers markets and retailers and chat with community members. This strategy is another opportunity to make yourself more recognizable in the neighborhood.

Visit events and join organizations

Many communities host regular events such as block parties or parades. Go to a few and introduce yourself to other guests. Not only can these functions provide an avenue for getting to know your neighbors, but they also give you some local entertainment options.

You can also look into groups and organizations, such as a book or running club. These meetings allow you to more easily connect with community members who have similar interests.

Throw a party

If you're not shy about opening your home to others, why not bring your neighbors to you rather than going to them? To gather community members and become acquainted with many of them at once, host a housewarming or cocktail party, backyard cookout or potluck.

When it comes time to hand out invitations, deliver them in person. You'll get some face time with your neighbors before they arrive at your house, and this strategy is more personable than posting fliers or dropping the invites in their mailboxes.

When deciding between your options for the party, consider that a cookout can take away from your time to socialize, as you may be busy cooking and ensuring everyone has enough to eat. Furthermore, a housewarming may not be the best option given that you'll be asking for gifts from people you don't know yet.