Buyers in today's housing market have to look through a large number of different properties. Each home has subtle, unique qualities that set it apart from the one next door, which means that every shopper has to be extra careful when trying to find their dream house.

There are new, old, foreclosed and renovated homes, and each one may be hiding a number of flaws underneath the exterior. This is where a property inspection is highly valuable - a licensed professional can come in and clarify any concerns homebuyers may have. This is especially true when buying a remodel, and many upgrades could be cosmetic. The real problems could still lie just underneath.

Caution is needed when looking at a remodel

For starters, every home may have its problems. No property is flawless, so it is up to the buyer to have a home inspection completed before committing to any one place.

This step makes a big difference when purchasing a remodeled home, because most professional rehabbers perform quick fixes and often cover up the house with a new, bright and shiny exterior, according to the Washington Post. This typically occurs because renovations all the way to the home's frame are costly, so it is easier for many people to make a profit with cheaper, quicker changes.

Therefore, many buyers of remodeled homes are concerned that the quality isn't up to their standards, the news source noted. This isn't always true, and professional real estate rehabbers cover their bases quite well. However, a property inspection is a must for concerned buyers, and a report can quickly put their minds at ease.

The final stages of a home rehab are often when the most mistakes get made, the media outlet reported. Contractors are looking for their next job, and the little odds and ends seem to drag on forever. So for buyers, if the smallest details in a home are completed well, that is a good sign. The more attention that was paid to these areas, the more confident people could be with the rest of the home.

Common remodeled home problems

Homebuyers have enough to worry about while shopping for real estate. The quality of their property shouldn't be on the list, which is why a home inspection is so important. 

There are a few good areas for anyone to look out for when checking out a remodeled house, according to One of the for a remodel is water.

"Water is the No. 1 enemy, in my opinion," David Tyson, of David Tyson and Associates Inc., told the news source. "Just moisture presence is the worst problem because it starts the mold and mildew effect, then bacteria, and eventually termites. Those are detrimental to a house anywhere, anytime."

Water could build up in the walls, which might lead to expensive repairs either during a remodel or after the new buyer moves in. A great step for homebuyers to prepare is by setting aside a small amount of extra funds for after the sale goes through, just in case new repairs pop up.

In addition, the foundation is another area in a house that could be problematic, noted. Old homes are typically built with solid foundations, but the more time that passes the more likely cracks are to appear. This hazard is obviously a structural weakness, which could cause damage throughout the home, but it also may be a source for the radioactive gas radon. A property inspection can spot either of these concerns, which might be a big help for homebuyers.