In some cases, a homeowner is out of space and out of ideas. A house may be lacking on storage, but there are always new and innovative locations one can look.

A garage addition may be the perfect solution for a residential space problem, and a home inspection ahead of time is ideal to ensure that every renovation is both advisable and performed properly. Not only do homeowners have the option to add a new garage altogether, they can also build up - with an over-the-top addition.

Adding space without adding a lot of costs

A garage addition can be a smart investment for homeowners. It has the potential to turn into an efficient, space-saving storage area while not adding up the expenses. This idea could also help during a sale, and it may be more attractive to new buyers.

For example, Geoff Allen and Michelle Forcier share an old Cape Cod-style house in Rhode Island, and the property was originally built as a seasonal residence, according to This Old House. When they wanted to live there year round, they needed to do some creative planning to maximize the space in the house.

"An over-the-garage addition doesn't increase a house's footprint, which helps reduce costs," Mary Dorsey Brewster, an architect hired to help the couple with their renovations, told the news source. "But it also presents unique challenges in planning and construction."

Moreover, a property inspection is a must when buyers are looking at homes with additions, or planning one themselves. These improvement projects are serious undertakings, and while they often pay off the job needs to be performed correctly. 

An over-the-garage addition is a drastic alteration to a home's curb appeal, the news source noted. Therefore, it is crucial that the renovation is both designed and installed well. Most garages are large and face the street. In that case, they are the first thing people see when they drive up, which is a major part of selling a home quickly. For Allen and Forcier, Brewster made sure their addition fit into the overall style of the home, while keeping costs down and adding a lot of extra storage space.

Tips for a great garage addition

Not every addition is created equal. That is why a home inspection is so important, to make sure everything is in working order. When homeowners are planning this type of improvement, they should pay attention to several critical areas.

For starters, the visual symmetry makes a difference, according to Archway Press. An addition can't throw everything out of balance, or else it will look bizarre and confuse people when the current owners are trying to sell the house. If it looks like it is supposed to be there, that is a great first step.

In addition, homeowners should also make sure the foundation is strong enough for an add-on, the news source noted. This is also where a property inspection can be so useful. A licensed professional can come in and determine if the foundation has any existing problems that could derail a project. The building code for a certain area might also pose problems, so residents need to be aware of any potential problems.

Insulation is also a valuable step in the garage addition process. The floor is required to be insulated to a certain degree, but it is a smart choice to layer the walls as well. This step means that the new room is warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which is important if it is going to be used as living space instead of solely storage.

A home inspection after the job is done can double check that every component is in good, working order also. A garage addition can quickly become a major boost to a property's value, making it an intelligent improvement choice.