How can a homeowner take a small, ugly bathroom and convert it into a ideal, relaxing retreat?

With a few simple, cost-effective improvement tips. Thankfully for anyone stuck with a tiny space, there are still plenty of fantastic ways to make the most out of a bathroom. It could be as simple as a change in color, or more complicated - like a redesigned layout.

Either way, homeowners should consult a property inspection professional before any after any major project. A little added insight will help ensure that everything is completed in the correct manner.

Affordable tricks to a great bathroom

Not every bathroom needs to break the bank. Instead, there are plenty of perfect upgrades that can look fancy, while still within most people's budgets. 

For example, Better Homes and Gardens recommended going with all-white components during a bathroom remodel project. Why? Manufacturers tend to make more in this color, so they often cost less. A clean, simple white toilet and pedestal sink will save money and still look fantastic.

Better yet, homeowners should think about saving that tile for only crucial areas, the news source noted. Instead of tiling around the sink and throughout the space, this feature should be kept in the bath and shower area only. Paint is much more cost-effective, and it still provides a classic look. That same approach can be taken to the cabinets - replacing hardware, instead of the entire component, will cost less and look great.

How to manage a small room

Not every bathroom is a massive expanse of luxury features and decadent showers. Instead, most homeowners are faced with limited space and a smaller budget. In order to deal with these problems, some outside-the-box thinking may be needed.

For example, explained that not every bathtub has to be rectangular. On the other hand, there are a number of smaller versions that can fit into constricting spaces. One could choose a rounded tub, or a deeper one that is shorter. That idea could be taken even further, and the tub could be removed in favor of a shower. Frameless glass options make a small room appear bigger.

In addition, homeowners may want a vanity. This can take up some of that precious room, but adds storage underneath. In order to capitalize on more counter space, a vessel or above-surface sink can be a smart choice.

A home inspection can be a vital asset during any improvement project. No person should complete a remodel without first understanding the faults of the house.