Unclogging your bathtub drain 

The last thing you want to experience when you are showering is your water level creeping up past your ankles due to a nasty drain clog in your bathtub. Hair, soap and dirt can build up and cause your plumbing to suffer a bit. Luckily, most clogs are easy to manage on your own. 

Preventing future clogs in your tub

The Family Handyman noted that in some instances you can help your water drain again without chemicals. If you remove the stopper, you can easily pull out any hair or soap scum that has accumulated and throw it out. This is a relatively quick process and does not require you to make any purchases. 

In some instances, it is necessary to take further steps to ensure your drain is unclogged. If you are unable to run to the store to pick up a chemical drain cleaner or snake, The Good Human suggested using a to solve your issue. Take a box of baking soda, pour it down your drain, follow with a half cup of vinegar and immediately plug the hole with an old washcloth. Wait 30 minutes and then flush out your mixture with boiling water.

Plumber snakes are another useful technique for unclogging your bathtub drain, particularly when clogs are especially tough. You can find one at your local hardware store, and using it is simple. 4rooterguy.com relayed that this tool comes with a hand crank and gives you the ability to snake through the plumbing and push out any blockage.  

Drain cleaners are an additional method you can use to remedy your situation. Follow the specific directions provided and be sure to open windows and ventilate the space due to the chemicals present. 

After unclogging your drain, make sure that you take precautions that help the plumbing in your bathtub run smoothly. House Logic recommended to help keep hair, skin and soap scum from causing future issues. Regular maintenance also helps keep your drains from clogging.   

Also, be aware of certain soaps that may cause more buildup and try to use only the necessary amount of soap to cut down on scum buildup along your pipes. 

No one likes dealing with clogged drains, especially where you bathe on a regular basis. Keep your drains free from clogs by using prevention techniques and keeping tools on hand to deal with any issues that may arise.