Not every home remodel is the same. There are some projects that improve equity, some that are just for the residents' sake and others that may be unusual, but have the ability to draw in more buyers. These unique fixes aren't commonplace, but they could be smart ideas for some homeowners.

A home remodel should always be accompanied by a property inspection, to make sure that every change is done correctly, and that there aren't any hidden surprises that could be damaging. Innovative design trends could affect buyer interest, which means homeowners looking to sell may want to incorporate a few upgrades into their current homes.

Unusual market trends in 2013

While many homeowners are aware of the major housing trends that affect today's market, there are actually quite a few that are a little more unique. These housing elements could impact buyer awareness as well as architecture, according to Forbes.

For example, many builders are getting creative when it comes to extra incentives. An innovative twist on a spare room might increase home equity, or offer potential buyers a unique option for the square footage. A home inspection before selling is a must, and it could help point out areas that need attention before listing a house.

In addition, pet friendly is also a big plus, the news source noted. Typically when selling, the smells and tell-tale signs of pets have to go. However, the property itself could be designed with pets in mind. High-end neighborhoods have pet amenities, like spas and groomers. A more down-to-earth homeowner might want to have a backyard with plenty of grass or open spaces, or perhaps a canine-sized door on the back of the house.

Trends include energy efficiency, storage

Other major trends in 2013 include energy efficiency and storage space, Forbes noted. Many homeowners are interested in "green" remodels, and a property inspection could identify some good places to start. More people are spending money on technological upgrades and energy-friendly design changes, which may include windows, insulation, heating and cooling systems, solar panels and other alternative energies. 

Erik Coffin, chief executive of Gotham Capital Management, told the news source that green construction is a big selling point, as are smart homes. 

New homes may be energy efficient, but it might also benefit homeowners to incorporate more technology, like tablets, smartphones and televisions, according to Forbes. Customized closets are also trending upward in today's housing market. This storage space is highly valuable to owners, as well as potential buyers. Therefore, residents who make home improvements with these elements in mind might have an easier time selling. A property inspection could ensure that any renovations are performed properly.

Tech upgrades worth the investment

Nowadays, buyers want unique, attractive home features. Technology could provide that. These changes could also help current residents save money and make life easier, reported.

Additionally, it might also be safer. New technology can come as an upgrade to old electrical systems. A home inspection is an ideal method to figure out dangerous problems, and fixing them with new devices and trends may be a good idea.

For starters, a thermostat is a smart investment, the news source noted. A programmable one can cut down on energy costs and even learn the owner's schedule and adjust the temperature accordingly. A keyless entry system is also a big plus. Fingerprint scanners can make keys obsolete, and also come as a boost to home security. 

Lighting is also a nice selling point. This common home element could also be considered a technological trend, with subtle lighting additions and motion sensors that turn devices on and off, without a switch. Overall, homeowners who make trendy upgrades have the potential to save money and attract new buyers to a property.