In today's highly competitive real estate market, home sellers are searching for any competitive advantage over rivals. As a result, many homeowners are closely examining the quality of their residences, conducting comprehensive evaluations to determine how they can garner attention from numerous property buyers.

Additionally, online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are becoming increasingly important for many home sellers. Because various digital tools are free to use, those who promote their residences over the internet may extend their reach and improve their chances of selling them quickly.

Hosting a virtual tour

Reuters contributor Lou Carlozo points out that the online universe provides a wide variety of opportunities to those looking to unload properties. However, home sellers should understand the impact of digital platforms to highlight their residences to property buyers without delay.

For example, real estate agent Ben Salem is one of several housing sector professionals who has benefited from web solutions. By using YouTube to highlight houses to prospective property buyers, Salem was able to bolster his interactions with clients and sell numerous residences in short periods of time.

"More than 80 percent of all buyers now find their home online," Salem told the news source. "When you have a YouTube video ... that's huge."

With a virtual tour, a property owner can share plenty of information about his or her home with online shoppers. However, a property seller should consider the perspective of a potential homebuyer in advance as well. 

The importance of a home evaluation

Completing a house inspection can have far-flung effects on property buyers and sellers. The real estate market is filled with opportunities for both parties, and home sellers who review the condition of their houses can make improvements quickly and efficiently. 

During a property inspection, a homeowner should examine the exterior and interior of a residence. As Salem states, property owners who can make repairs and highlight the "wow" factor that originally attracted them to their homes can differentiate their residences from others that are currently available around the country.

"You need to ask yourself: 'Why did I buy this home and what first stood out to me?' If it's a sweeping staircase with the wainscoting, a fire pit in the backyard, or a beach-entry pool, that's [important]," Salem told the news source.

Be thorough, and in a short period of time, a property owner may find many homebuyers interested in his or her residence.