Whether you are looking to purchase a home or already own one, basements offer both great potential and possible trouble. Contact a home inspection company before buying a house and when assessing an issue in a home you currently own. Also, know what common issues arise in these parts of a home and establish a plan to make the most out of this space.

Common issues in basements
Due to basements' underground location, the potential for certain obstacles increases. Water-related issues are particularly frequent.

Flooding and leaking in the basement are often caused by groundwater, leaky appliances or a pipe bursting, and structural damage to the space may be the ultimate result, according to Rightway Waterproofing Co. It is also common to experience a sump pump failure, and if water ceases to be properly pumped out, a breakdown of this hardware could result in flood damage depending on the situation.

Mold is another issue commonly seen and related to water and humid or damp conditions frequent in basements. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention noted mold exposure can potentially result in eye or skin irritation, wheezing or nasal stuffiness. More severe reactions often occur if the exposure to mold is more prominent and excessive. Mold growth may also smell and prompt headaches or other negative reactions.

Odors may also be present due to mildew, dust mites or rot. Humidity typically instigates these issues.

A home inspection can assist you in finding why mold, mildew, dust mites or rot are an issue. If you know what is the causing the complication, finding a solution becomes simpler. Realestate.com noted stopping the moisture and ensuring the presence of proper ventilation in the space helps with issues of this nature.

Another obstacle commonly found in basements is a floor that cracks or sinks. A professional home inspection can determine the severity of the issue and help you decide on a proper course of action. It is crucial to remedy sinking or cracking floors because they may become exponentially worse. Contact a professional contractor and know your options.

Adding another sump pump may also be a necessary investment if you live in an area with a higher risk of flooding. The Handyman reported a suitable sump pump system should consist of a multiple pumps. Power outages and possible malfunctions may occur, and accounting for this possibility is crucial.

Getting the most out of your basement
A basement can add a great deal of value to your home. It might serve as storage or additional living space. Evaluate your needs and determine what would benefit your lifestyle the most.

When finishing your basement, the Family Handyman suggested first solving any moisture issues and drying the space. Installing drainage mats serves as a good mechanism for both insulating and preventing condensation.

A finished basement offers a plethora of options to homeowners. The space can easily be turned into a home gym, office space, an additional living room, a game room or any other function deemed necessary. If you are attempting to sell your home and want to increase the value, try presenting the finished basement as a space with many prospective uses. Potential buyers will appreciate the available space and vast possibilities it can offer.

Establish a budget before moving forward with a project of this caliber and stick to your set number. Remodeling your basement often serves as a money-saving option in itself. This Old House noted that a basement renovation often costs less than an addition.

Evaluate the condition of your basement and move forward with a renovation that meets your specific and unique needs.