The do-it-yourself repair project - homeowners are often clamoring to fix problems around their house, but some projects should be left to the professionals.

However, there is a fine line between a DIY repair and one that a budding handyperson should leave alone, and in some cases too much confidence and motivation might result in unnecessary damage to a property. Before buying or selling a house, a licensed home inspection professional could take a look and figure out where a repair went wrong. 

When to ask for help

In some cases, even the most skilled homeowners might get in over their heads. Some improvements and repairs are best left alone, and trying to fix everything may do more harm than good. 

Gregg Hicks, director of business development for, explained to about how many homeowners have this innate desire to fix everything themselves. He added that DIY might provide better results, but the homeowner has to be ready to dedicate as much time as it takes, which could end up being years.

Cutting a project short, or diving in before realizing the repair is too complicated is a good way for a homeowner to damage a house further. To be safe, a property inspection should be able to identify where it all went wrong. 

The best do-it-yourselfers should ask for help when it makes financial sense or when the project could take a very long time, according to the news source. A homeowner should never undertake a task when they aren't proficient in each step along the way.

DIY repairs that make sense

While some upgrades should be left to the professionals, there are a few that make sense for homeowners to do themselves.

For example, common toilet problems are easily fixed without the help of a plumber, MSN Real Estate noted. In some instances, the solution is a simple part replacement that often runs under $20, while paying the professional could cost as much as $75.

Multiple properties end up with broken kitchen or bathroom tiles, but hired help isn't needed to replace this problem. A homeowner who purchases the tiles, tools and grout could save a good chunk of change, and it should only take a few hours to fix, the news source noted.

When people are looking at other homes to buy, a property inspection is a smart idea in order to spot any DIY projects gone wrong. In some cases, the repairs are simple enough for a homeowner, but in other situations the work should be left for the professionals.