Having a property thoroughly assessed by am inspector can make all the difference when buying a home. However, those who are new to real estate or are inexperienced might not know what constitutes a good home inspection.

A home inspection is a normal part of the homebuying process. It helps a buyer know every detail about the home they are about to purchase. But when it comes to setting apart an OK home inspection with a great one, buyers should be aware of these things:

They empathize with a buyer

A homebuyer can tell a lot about an inspector by his or her professionalism. A good inspector knows how much goes into a home purchase. Buyers have dedicated years of their lives to saving money and searching for a home just to be able to make a purchase. It is then up to a home inspector to thoroughly analyze that property. A good home inspector knows that a buyer might not be familiar with the inspection process, and therefore goes to the extra mile to ensure they can make an informed decision.

Go above and beyond

A good home inspector will make sure the buyer is comfortable and understands far more about his or her home after the inspection than they did before. An inspector will take a buyer through the home and show them any issues, and even show how to operate certain systems in the home like how to turn off the main water line or how to adjust the thermostat. It's not necessarily a home inspector's job to encourage or discourage the purchase, but rather to help the buyer make an informed decision. A good home inspector doesn't just go through the property and issue a report, they teach the buyer, giving them confidence in their decision.

Cover all bases

A good home inspection will assess nearly every inch of the property. From the home's foundation to the roof and everything in between, it's critical buyers know the state of the property. A thorough home inspection will ensure a buyer knows every detail. Certain companies will take a home inspection a step further, offering streamlined ways to present this information. As paper can slow down a process, efficient companies will present the information on computer program, allowing buyers to easily access and understand what they are reading.