Those who are buying a home might be wondering if they should skip a home inspection. They might be thinking they found the home of their dreams, so what's the point of getting it inspected when they already know they want to make a purchase?

A home inspection isn't typically done to make or break a purchase. No home is perfect, so issues are likely to arise. A home inspection is simply done to clue a homebuyer in on any defects or issues with the home that might not have been obvious at first glance. It's not likely that the terms of the home sale will change after an inspection is done, but a buyer will be able to make a more informed decision based on the information provided to them by a home inspection.

A home inspection will point out the imperfections in a home, helping a buyer decide if they can live with these issues, but more importantly, just so they are aware of them. A home inspector can be a great source for those who want to learn about their home. They can teach a buyer how to operate certain systems in the home or provide tips on how to fix something in an inexpensive way. If a buyer is more aware of the aspects of their home purchase, they can better plan for the future, like whether they want to make improvements or not.

A report from provides a sample of an inspection report, showing how it will be beneficial to any buyer.

"Electrical outlets at various locations show evidence of improper and/or faulty wiring and/or gross negligence on the part of the contractor who had no personal stake in the safety of future owners or their families," the report said.

While this information likely won't cause a buyer to back down from buying a home, it does make them aware of potential issues with a major system in the home.

Reputable inspectors make a difference

Homebuyers should choose experienced, unbiased inspectors to assess their property. It's also a good idea to be present at the time of inspection.

Reputable home inspectors will go the extra mile to ensure a buyer fully understands the aspects of the analysis. This can make all the difference once a buyer does finally become a homeowner.