Homeowners shouldn't let their houses sit on the market for months on end.

While many people may feel that this is out of their control, in fact there are plenty of reasons why prospective buyers aren't biting. Sellers have a number of tips and tricks at their disposal to take advantage of the housing market, from smart marketing to simple home improvements.

However, just accepting the fact that a house won't sell is never good enough. Instead, a property inspection could be completed to make sure there aren't any glaring problems, and sellers can fix up their houses so they look great during a showing.

How to make a house attractive

A good-looking home isn't the only way it can be attractive to potential buyers. One of the biggest reasons why people aren't interested could be the price, according to MSN Real Estate.

"It's always price for condition or price for location," Kathy Opperman, a Philadelphia-based real estate broker, told the news source. "That's one of the main reasons [homes] sit."

A lot of sellers get too emotional about their houses, MSN Real Estate explained. Therefore, they price too high. The right figure is the one that gets the most interest from other parties, and the sticker shock should never be great enough to scare people away.

Besides price, the condition often impacts the sale. Buyers don't want to commit to a place that costs as much to fix as it did to own. Instead, current homeowners should fix up crucial aspects and prepare a house for a sale. A home inspection could be a great resource, and a professional can identify areas that need attention.

Cost-effective improvement solutions

When sellers are sprucing up their property, the improvements don't need to break the bank. On the contrary, there are several affordable solutions that can provide the needed boost to a home's appeal.

According to Bankrate.com, the kitchen needs to work. Essentially, updated fixtures, energy-efficient appliances and attractive cabinets could all boost buyer interest. Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is another room that warrants attention. Simple changes - like a new toilet seat, vinyl floor tiling or fresh grout in the shower - can make a good first impression on potential buyers.

In addition, the outside of the home shouldn't be overlooked, either. A property inspection can help assure buyers that the house is in good shape, and sellers should fix up some key areas. Even a freshly-mowed lawn helps, Bankrate.com explained. Some nice plants with bursts of color are great ways to attract buyers inside.