The listing looks perfect. The home appears to be in great shape, buyers are interested and offers could start to roll in soon. However, even small problems could disrupt this potential sale, even if it seems to be moving along quickly.

This is where a home inspection comes into play. A licensed professional can find many different issues with a property, and offer crucial recommendations to the sellers about what to do in order to sell fast.

Don't take anything for granted

Potential buyers are looking at everything - from the foundation to the roof and all places in between. Before putting a home on the market, sellers should always contact a property inspection professional, and work closely with these experts and their Realtors in order to sell.

For one Chicago-area seller, not painting over some minor in-house graffiti made a big difference, according to MSN Real Estate. With repairs estimated at $1,200 for two rooms and the basement, the client decided that buyers could look past this cosmetic problem. Instead, they couldn't - and now the home might sell for $40,000 less than the asking price.

The seller's real estate agent Vince Romano told the news source that the house looked great online, and 17 or 18 showings took place right away. However, he added that with other homes in perfect condition nearby, nobody was willing to commit. 

Therefore, sellers should listen to the experts, like their Realtors or home inspection professionals. Stubbornness can often get in the way of a great sale, and even simple changes can make an impact.

Get the highest possible price

A lot of money is at stake with every home sale. Even the smallest defect could result in a swing of thousands of dollars, so sellers should take every precaution when listing their property. 

According to House Real Estate of Oklahoma, owners can't assume their home is the best one in the neighborhood. Ignoring problems won't solve them, and oftentimes the costs of a simple fix will be recouped in the final asking price. More opinions - like those from a real estate agent or a home inspector - are always good ideas.

In addition, cosmetic improvements can help, the news source noted. Potential buyers decide quickly whether or not they want a house, so the first impression counts. A number of renovations can boost the value, and many are well worth the time and effort before listing.