Horror movies and ghost stories are popular this time of year. Those are okay for the movies, but you'll want to avoid these eerie problems in your own home.

 As the rainy season picks up in a lot of places, it's a great time to inspect those water prone areas like a crawl space or basement. The cold weather can help determine the quality of insulation in your attic. An inspector can let you know if these spooky areas of your home are showing signs that may need repairs.


An attic could be a common place for ghostly spirits to reside, and also a place where you inspector can tell a lot about your insulation and ventilation.

During a home inspection an inspector will check for proper insulation and evaluate if it's the right type for your needs. A lack of insulation can cause heat loss and higher utility bills. Air flow and the vents in an attic space are important to promote energy efficiency in your home. Any roof leaks and subsequent water damage can be seen in an attic and show areas in need of improvement.

Crawl Space

This tiny area could be a great area for a monster to lurk, and even worse it's great place for water, damage. Some of the most common problems found in crawl spaces are due to moisture. Leaking pipes, flooding, even the moisture level in your soil can cause water damage in this space.

There are also crucial intake vents in the area that can affect your ventilation and overall home air quality. Signs of floor damage are visible from a crawl space. Mold or rusted nails can mean there is more damage below. From a crawl space an inspector can see if there are any structural irregularities with floor joists or bridging. It's important to be aware of any of these issues.


The dark damp nature of a basement makes it perfect for a ghost to hide, and for mold and mildew to grow. Just like a crawl space a basement is a great place for moisture. An inspector will look for leaks or signs of a previous leak and check any exposed pipes.

A basement is also a good vantage point for a home's foundation. An inspector will look for any cracks or inconsistencies. Additionally, pests like basement for their warm and moist nature, not ghosts but perhaps bugs or rodents. An inspector can look for signs of any of these pests in your space.

During this time of year there are a lot of spooky stories and decorations. Don't let your home become the next scary story.

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