Most realtors and prospective buyers know the importance of home inspection, but very few are familiar with the benefits they can achieve with a WIN home inspection. Assessing the condition of a property is essential, but a WIN inspector has the necessary experience, knowledge and tools to perform an unbiased inspection and provide a fully comprehensive analysis.

What does this mean exactly, and what makes WIN Inspectors so important?

Well, this simply means it’s easy for a home buyer or realtor to overlook crucial aspects of home inspection without a professional. WIN inspectors have extensive experience with the standards and practice of a visual home inspection, and they are equipped with the right tools and systems to produce a more accurate assessment of the current condition of a home.

Let’s take a closer look at the process and how WIN Inspectors are leading the way

WIN Home Inspection has made a commitment to offer more to their customers. Many home buyers think that common fixtures such as windows and doors are main considerations for a home inspection, and they are. But there is more that WIN can offer. They are also related to a Home Energy Score. Helping a customer understand their energy consumption is not the underlying reason or objective of a an inspection, but it can help to complete the full picture of their home’s condition.

The Home Energy Score (HES) is a standard assessment for the energy performance of a home based on its structure and heating, cooling and hot water systems. It’s a US Department of Energy program that can add insightful and useful information to the scope of a WIN Home Inspection. In other words, WIN can do much more for you than your typical inspector. WIN can also WIN can offer very practical advice and peace-of-mind for those making such a large financial investment, like the purchase of a first home.