Radon-in-Water Test

What is Radon Water Test?

Radon is the country’s leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers and the second leading cause of overall lung cancer cases, causing nearly 21,000 deaths each year. While radon is most commonly found in the air, homeowners that utilize a well run the risk of elevated radon levels in groundwater.

Why is a Radon Water Test required?

The primary source of radon in a water source comes from a well; however, if there is a significant presence in the air, it is possible to become present in tap water.

Ingesting radon through a water source is less deadly than inhalation. However, it still can lead to internal cancers. Homeowners can get peace of mind about their home’s water safety from this threat through Radon Water Testing.

What is covered in a Radon Water Test?

During a Radon Water Test, your WIN Home Inspector will collect a water sample from a faucet that does not have screens or barriers. From there, the sample will be sent to a WIN accredited laboratory partner to be analyzed, and a detailed report, including a radon mitigation plan, will be shared with you.