Healthy Home Check 

A Healthy Home Check is an essential step homeowners must take as part of their homeownership journey. By detecting preventable issues in your home and creating a mitigation plan, you can enhance your quality of life, save money on unnecessary repairs, and protect your most valuable investment, your home. Furthermore, you can save thousands in costly repairs that could have been avoided and protect your health from preventable illnesses, including asthma and other respiratory conditions.

What’s included in a Healthy Home Check?

A Healthy Home Check includes essential services to address several common issues found in homes. We will examine your home and help develop mitigation plans for potential harmful issues such as indoor allergens and pollutants, hidden moisture, electrical hazards, and blockages in indoor sewer lines.

Why do I need a Healthy Home Check?

Frequent Healthy Home Checks are an important part of homeownership. While the majority of homes are inspected when purchased, families live in homes for years before selling. During those years, the home settles, ages and undertakes wear and tear, causing the condition of the home to decline. Most homeowners aren’t aware of the toll that life can take on a home and a Healthy Hone Check aims to educate homeowners on the current condition of their home and equip them with a mitigation plan to help them live healthier, safer and happier in their homes.

Moreover, Healthy Home Checks can help homeowners:

  • Avoid unexpected surprises and save thousands on costly repairs
  • Gain up to 10% more in resale value
  • Improve mood, sleep and overall health
  • Take control and lead a healthier life in their homes

How often should I get a Healthy Home Check?

It is recommended that homeowners get a Healthy Home Check at least once every two to three years to ensure their continued health and safety in their homes. Depending on a few factors, including the age, location and condition of the home, your WIN home inspector may recommend getting a Healthy Home Check once every year as well as other preventive measures such as Radon Testing, Mold Testing, and Water Quality Testing.


  • 1% of your home’s purchase price should be budgeted for routine maintenance
  • $6,000 is the average homeowners spend on emergency repairs and maintenance every year
  • $81,000 total spent on average by homeowners during their homeownership tenure