How to Check if Your Septic Tank is Full: Signs, Solutions, and Preventive Measures

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Top 7 Tasks for Homeowners to Complete Before Winter

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Halloween Party Safety Tips: Ensure a Safe Halloween Party at Home

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How do Home Inspectors Test for Mold

While mold growth is a natural process, accelerated by moisture and humidity, its presence within your home can be both costly to mitigate and hazardous to your health. Mold is an unwelcome guest that can silently infiltrate our homes, lurking in damp corners and crevices, often going unnoticed until it grows into a costly repair bill. READ MORE

Mold Remediation and Inspection: A Guide for Homeowners

While identifying mold may seem obvious with its dark spots and musty odor, it can often go unnoticed when it grows in hard-to-access spaces or in unrecognizable forms. Mold is a silent intruder that can wreak havoc on the health and safety of not just your home, but your family too. READ MORE

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Retirement Paradise: The Best Counties for Seniors in the Real Estate Game

Since 60% of senior citizens will need long-term care and exceptional amenities, U.S. counties are building large retirement communities or creating age-appropriate facilities for detached home residents. Unlike the room-based assisted living homes from the past, current real estate companies prioritize their hobbies and desires and build properties based on that. READ MORE

What Happens if You Move in Before the Final Inspection

Moving into a new home is an exciting time filled with anticipation and dreams of what your future in this new space will hold. While your new home prepares for your arrival, it can be tempting to move in early. But amidst all the excitement, it's important not to overlook one critical step in the home-buying process – the final inspection. READ MORE