Real Estate Agent Tips for Navigating the Home Inspection


A home inspection is a key part of buying or selling a home. It is important that real estate agents understand how to navigate this process to help their clients get the most out of the inspection. In fact, a quality home inspection can be a positive experience that not only brings clients peace of mind, but also provides maintenance tips, next steps, and builds trust between real estate agents and their clients. 

Here are several useful tips for REALTORS® to navigate the home inspection process.

Explain the Purpose of a Home Inspection to Clients

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Some clients may question whether a home inspection is needed if the house looks in good shape or is a new construction. 

Buying a home is one of the largest investments your clients will make in their lives. A home inspection is the best way for REALTORS® and clients to understand the condition of a property so they can make informed decisions. Additionally, home sellers can take advantage of a pre-listing inspection to make needed repairs and increase the value of their home before it goes on the market. 

WIN Home Inspectors are highly trained and certified to provide an unbiased, comprehensive report after a home inspection. They will help identify current and potential issues and provide suggestions for the next steps. The home inspection assists REALTORS® with closing the deal and provides home buyers a great opportunity to learn about their future home and how things work.

Prepare for the Home Inspection

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If you are the listing agent, your role in the home inspection process is vital to your clients. Real estate agents know that the home needs to be prepared in advance for the inspection. Your clients can follow this checklist: 

  • Remove clutter so that the inspector can easily examine all areas of the home. Inspector should be able to access the basement, attic, crawlspace, and easily reach the furnace, water heater, and electrical panel. 
  • Move furniture so that the inspector can examine the interior walls. 
  • Clear the closets so the inspector can see the walls. 
  • Utilities are turned on if they are connected. 

If you are the buyer’s agent, you should connect with the listing agent before the inspection to make sure the home will be ready. Some full-service home inspection companies will handle this task and contact the listing agent for you. 

Importance of Being Transparent With Your Client

75% of customers say that they are willing to spend money on a business that really values them. Being transparent with your client shows that you prioritize them and are willing to minimize their scepticism along with way, which makes them feel valued throughout the process. Transparency allows clients to collect the necessary information to make informed decisions regarding their real estate transactions. It also provides them with a clear picture of the steps that must be taken for repair or maintenance of issues found during the home inspection.  

It's important to note that a home inspection can look different from state to state as laws, regulations, and conditions of the homes change, so it's essential that you understand local requirements to help ensure your clients' investments. For example, getting a home inspection in Florida may look different than getting a home inspection in Arizona, as Florida's damp, humid environment makes for the perfect conditions for mold growth.

Along with being physically present to solve all customer queries, WIN provides a detailed, visual, and easy-to-read report that offers complete clarity to clients about the condition of their homes.  

Who Should Attend the Home Inspection?

If you are the buyer’s agent, you should attend the home inspection if it can be done safely during COVID. Encourage your clients to work with a professional company that prioritizes the health of their inspectors, agents, and clients. The listing agent may also attend to help navigate the process.

WIN provides a detailed, visual, and easy-to-read report, and our inspectors are always available to answer additional questions even if you are not able to attend in person.

Questions to Ask Before and During the Home Inspection

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As a realtor, you can help your clients by urging them to ask questions before and during the home inspection.

  • What additional ancillary services should my client consider? Some companies provide one-stop solutions like mold inspection, radon testing, sewer scope inspection, and more. This allows your client to gain greater peace of mind while saving time and money with package discounts.
  • Is this problem a serious one or just a minor one? Your inspector can help clients understand which issues in the report are major or minor, and provide suggestions for next steps.
  • Does that stain, crack, chip point to a problem? If something is not a problem, the inspector will not mention it, but your clients may still have questions.

Steps to Take Following the Home Inspection

As a listing agent, you would advise your clients on what repairs to make based on a Pre-Listing report. Your client may offer to pay a closing cost credit after a buyer’s inspection. Or negotiate a reduction of the home’s purchase price. 

As a buyer’s agent, you can ask for an extension of contingency period to give your clients time to collect contractor bids on any work that needs to be done. This will give you more information to use in negotiations with the sellers.

How a Home Inspection Helps In Real Estate Transactions

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A positive home inspection will pave the way for a smoother closing for REALTORS®. A thorough home inspection report provides valuable knowledge and gives your clients a chance to have key issues repaired before buying a new home or listing a home for sale. The client will appreciate having a full understanding of their home’s condition.

Connect Your Clients with a Professional Home Inspection Company

Real estate agents can create a quality home inspection depending on finding an experienced inspector with a consultative approach. WIN Home Inspection offers buyers and sellers top-quality service from fully certified and insured inspectors. 

Our home inspectors are required to follow safety and health guidelines, including practicing social distancing. We perform all our services in the safest possible manner and allow easy rescheduling in case of health issues. 

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