Moms are the greatest, but each year, we still find ourselves searching for last-minute Mother’s Day gifts. Of course, none of us are going to let this get in our way when the big day comes. Fortunately, some of the best Mother’s Day ideas don’t involve large bouquets of roses or expensive vacations. Besides, who wants to go on a cruise right now anyway?

Use this “honey do list” of cleaning tasks for inspiration. It’s almost guaranteed that mom will enjoy a clean house, especially during quarantine. 

1. Organize the Garage

The majority of homes in America have a garage or carport, and this number is increasing with new construction. This means there’s a good chance your mom has a garage, and if she does, it's fairly likely that it's in need of a good cleaning or organization.

In a best-case scenario, cleaning up the garage will just require putting things back where they belong and giving the floor a good sweeping. For most of us, though, it’s important to come prepared with boxes, plastic storage containers and baskets that can be labeled with masking tape.

Do your best to organize items with some sort of system (e.g. camping gear all in one container). Once everything is packed away and/or stored in its proper corner, you’ll be surprised at just how much space is opened up. Better yet, mom will be surprised at your ability to pick the perfect last-minute Mother's Day gift.

2. Remove Dust and Buildup from Radiators and HVAC

Heaters, air conditioners and radiators typically have tiny crevices where dirt, grime and dust love to build up. Not only will a thorough cleaning make it easier to breathe in the home, but it’s an essential home maintenance tip for pet owners.

There are plenty of ways to accomplish this honey-do task for mom. Blowing a hair dryer nozzle into baseboard heaters is very effective. Many HVAC systems also have removable filters that can simply be placed under running water. Even a keyboard duster can get the job done!

If you’re cleaning a radiator, make sure it’s turned off first.

3. Vanquish Dust Bunnies from Her Blinds

Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergies in the world, but even if your mom isn’t sensitive to the allergen, no one likes the look of dust on their blinds. This is one of the simplest last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas with one of the biggest payoffs.

While a simple duster can get the job done, you should go a step further for mom. Wrap a cloth that's been dipped in rubbing alcohol around a spatula. Use this nifty tool to move back and forth between the blinds.

Once the dust is removed, utilize an antistatic spray on the blinds (e.g. Static Guard). This will help prevent future buildup.

4. Clean the Laundry Hamper

In your contemplation of what could possibly serve as a respectable gift idea, cleaning the laundry hamper likely never came to mind. If you toss the lid up and take a big whiff of the inside, though, you’ll realize it’s one of the best honey-do tasks for mothers you can offer.

Smelly laundry odors have a way of sticking to hampers. Fabric hampers can fortunately just be tossed in the washing machine. If she has a polyester mesh or plastic container, though, use a mixture of one cup of baking soda per gallon of water and scrub with a soft-bristle brush.

If there’s a musty smell in the hamper, you’ll need to resort to bleach for destroying the mold spores. One cup of bleach per gallon of water is sufficient. Bleach is also one of the best cleaning products to fight COVID-19, so a weekly cleaning is the last-minute Mother’s Day gift that keeps on giving!

5. Pressure Wash Her Home

While pressure washing the home should be left to adults using proper safety precautions, a solid father-son or daughter team can do wonders. Dirt and grime can build up on any surface of a home, and while the degradation may be subtle, a before/after picture over just one year can show significant changes.

You can rent pressure washers from any number of home improvement stores, so there’s no need to splurge on expensive equipment just to perform this honey-do task. There are several commercial cleaners you can purchase while picking up your rental, but you can even  if you’re looking to save money.

6. Clean Out the Gutters

Since cleaning the gutters typically involves at least climbing a ladder, this is another task best suited for safety-minded adults. Up to 20 percent of leaves and debris can filter through the best gutter covers, so even if mom thinks a good cleaning isn’t necessary, you’re likely to find out otherwise.

A pair of gloves and a water hose can do wonders when cleaning out the gutters. If you want to go all out for your Mother’s Day gift, however, grab some caulk to seal any cracks, paint to liven up any dull spots, and power drill to secure any loose overhangs.

Removing built-up debris and leaves will leave the house looking much cleaner. This can also prevent water damage and serves as one of the best ways to keep bugs out of a home.

7. Touch Up Peeling/Faded Paint

If you're still stuck trying to figure out a last-minute Mother's Day gift, take a look around at the walls and her home's exterior. Do you notice any paint that's fading, peeling or patchy in spots? This is a great opportunity to perform an easy fix with an end result that belies the simplicity.

Clean the targeted area with soapy water to remove dirt, then utilize vinyl spackling to fix any damage. Once this dries, take some sand paper to the wall to smooth things out. After applying a coat of primer, paint the area with the original color. If you're out of the original paint, consider getting a paint color sheet to ensure you match the colors up perfectly.

Nail Your Last-Minute Mother’s Day Ideas!

We’ve all been guilty of waiting to the last minute, but we’re playing a risky game when our moms are involved! Fortunately, every one of the items on this honey do list can be finished up in less than a day. When you see the smile on mom’s face after completing one of these tasks, your procrastination won’t feel nearly as irresponsible.

If you’re looking for a last-minute Mother’s Day gift she’s sure to enjoy, consider a visit from WIN Home Inspection. Identifying and correcting issues that could be costing her money year-round is the gift that really keeps on giving. Find a local professional by clicking , or contact us at (800) 309-6753 or by emailing